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User Feedback Deserves More Value Reciprocity

Contributors to software platforms should have greater benefits.

I think there is a TON of value in User Generated Feedback for software platforms.

Especially from those able to contribute valuable insights, innovative feature requests, or even reports on critical issues/bugs that ought to be fixed.

It's often met with a "thanks" or gets implemented at best, but as we move into this next paradigm, empowered by web3 & the automation of micro-transactions, is it not fair for us to ask of platforms & software services to begin to reciprocate with real value?

These are the more tangible representations of reciprocal value for Users, over some of the other existing models, that often revert value back to the platform itself:

  • ☑️ Beta access to new features (opting in to buggy features & free bug-squashing work, essentially)

  • ☑️ Community forums (direct access for a platform to observe their power users more directly & draw further inferences from their insights)

  • ☑️ Actually implementing the Feature / Fix that the User suggested (helpful to the user, yet often means the platform is better, which helps their product be a more viable option to others)

  • Honorable mention to Affiliate programs, which, can be mutually beneficial, but ultimately those benefits are only provided for marketing. Promotions of the platform to garner more paid customers for the application, and can be done without specifically providing user feedback (feature requests, bug reports, improvement suggestions, etc) as being examined here today.

And what might real value look like in this context?

Welll... Here’s some ideas:

  • 💡Tiers matching contribution efforts with access to platform features (from discounted to free platform access)

  • 💡Token distributions for valuable feedback, or even bounties for bug findings

  • 💡Merch or exclusive collectibles with value / use

  • 💡Public recognition of User’s contribution; raising awareness of what value they add & giving others an opportunity to follow their journey or support their endeavors

While currently there are Ambassador programs that exist for various apps / software platform communities, there’s often still a good number of users that don’t opt in to that experience, yet still provide meaningful feedback, i.e, tangible value for a software company that incrementally increases its usability & in turn its earning potential.

Even further still, a good deal of those Ambassador programs don’t always translate to tangible value for those participating — unless they do additional work on top of that to monetize their own use of the platform — which is what general users are at liberty to do anyway.

Now, I'm not here to dictate how much tangible value gets reciprocated for every instance of user feedback; I imagine each organization can determine the right allocations amongst themselves. I do wish to sincerely indicate the need for such value attribution though. Doing so can increase the retention of feedback from contributors & allow them to feel more confident in the decision to even take the time to provide it.


That's about all I've got for now. Should I further explore the ideas I've expressed here in some meaningful way, I will be sure to chime back in with an addendum.

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All the best,
Mr. Wildenfree 🐺🍵🎵

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