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"Live to learn, Give to Earn"

My favorite part of the companies and programs we are running right now is the shift from creating good “customers” to empowering extraordinary creators. 

The become a Guardian of the Guardian Academy, one must submit a capstone that the community votes on. If it is deemed a valuable addition to the overall body of knowledge, it’s approved and the author becomes a Guardian. In order to manage resources and levels of access there is, necessarily, a hierarchy; a hierarchy of contribution.

The capstones coming out are incredible. I am learning more and having more fun with that setup than ever. As the community grows, so does the contribution. More interesting to me are the divergent paths of contribution; some make podcasts, and others write letters or make memes. Doc The Wolf wrote and published a children's book:

To graduate from the CCA, a student must give a high-value CCA presentation. Some of these presentations have shifted my paradigm entirely. 

Dr. Todd Snyder's CCA graduate presentation is one of the most useful presentations I have ever seen.

You can see it right here.

Live to Learn, Give To Earn.
Be More Than You Know

Ever meet someone that knows EVERYTHING about fitness but can’t handle their own shit?

Or someone that knows EVERYTHING about martial arts but can’t hold their own when they stop on the mat?

These people know more than they are. Said another way; these people may do well in the classroom but their knowledge is proven to be false when they meet reality.

We have found that helping people “become” is far more rewarding than helping people “know” stuff. 

It's far better to be able to ride a bike and be ignorant of the various theorems of aerodynamics than to be well-versed in the scholarly side and not be able to ride the damn bike. 

Be careful not to mistake "knowing" for being. 

It's not "read to learn" for a reason. Putting theory into practice is a necessary step to becoming. Once you are what you know, a world of opportunity opens up to earn significantly more by sharing what you are.

The process is still the shortcut.

Speaking of graduate presentations…

We are considering doing at least one more CCA cohort, I would tell you about it but Lukas Resheske’s graduate program articulates what the CCA is better than I ever could:

What Is The CCA?

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Here's to living to learn and giving to earn. (which is also the last page of Doc The Wolf's Book)