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Hidy ho, friends! I'm back in the honky motherland that is Idaho, visiting family through the first week of September. Still getting into the swing of things here, but have a few updates while I acclimatize to the new time zone and setting.

This newsletter will touch on:

  • 6-pack ab challenge (what remains)

  • Hiking Mt. Fuji

  • DAOpunks cohort_3 (grant recipient)

The 6-Pack Elephant in the Room

First, let's talk about the 6-pack elephant in the room. Long story short, we are going to have to reboot this in the fall. Was the 42-day timeframe unrealistic? Perhaps, but the bigger issue was my scheduling.

Over the course of the 42 days, I was in hotels for a majority of the time due to some last-minute contract work. Additionally, when I started the challenge, I forgot that my dad was coming to visit for three weeks, which took up a good chunk of the time. When I wasn't in a hotel, I was out doing stuff with the old man. As a result, things kind of got away from me.

Things became difficult to sustain around the halfway point

At the end there, I just, well, stopped tracking. The plan was solid, and the timeframe was a bit optimistic but not entirely out of the realm of doable, but the timing was not ideal.

Excuses? No. Reality? Yes.

The challenge posts can be found here:

Also, I think I forgot to actually publish the 'Talking Exercise' post until just now. 🤷‍♂️

Where did I end up?

Well, I don't have any after pictures, but I was down about 10 lbs at the peak - which has since been undone by traveling overseas and my return to the US food supply. It's been over 5 years since I have been back, so I am having trouble saying no to things.

The good news is I am still able to get in the gym 3-4 days a week, so there is that.

What's next?

I'm rebooting the challenge! But not until I get back to Japan. Details TBD.

Hiking Mt. Fuji

During the last week of July, I was finally able to cross one off the bucket list by hiking Mt. Fuji.

We did the hike over a couple of days, staying in on-mountain lodging at a few of the series of stations that sprinkle the trails to the peak. Timing was tight as the day after the hike I had to pack for an international flight.

We ended up taking the Fujinomiya route up, which is one of about five routes from memory.

Holy shit! The views were gorgeous, and we really lucked out with the weather.

So far I have only had a chance to edit and share photos I took with my phone (like the ones above). I took my RX100II and and action camera. I am sitting on tons more photos and a bit of video. Might try to put something together in the coming weeks.

The big takeaway was:

The juice was worth the sqeeze

It was abouta 5 hour trip to get to the trailhead from my house and 7 hours up, with some fairly technical terrain, but the views and just the feeling of accomplishment were well worth it. Already planning a trip next season. Might take the big guns - the full-frame camera.

Speaking of which, you can check out larger versions of some of the pics above on my VSCO. Here's the link:

I am a DAOpunk

Last, I want to touch on being selected to participate as part of DAOpunks cohort_3.

DAOpunks is basically:

an NFT collection/community combined with a public goods/grant platform. The aim is to assist those looking to release the shakles of corporate work and to pursue more meaningful work in DAOs and Web3.

The three participants (as voted on by the community) each received a 1 ETH grant to help them pursue their goals in Web3/DAOs.

I was actually in the middle of the hike up Mt. Fuji when I found out. I almost missed the announcement but decided to check some DMs during a bit of a break. Of course, I had to make a 'thank you' video at the peak!

As part of the cohort, participants are expected to post weekly updates for the duration of the 6-week cohort period. I have decided to post my weekly updates here at Pink Sink rather than spin up a new publication/channel. A lot of what being a DAOpunk means to me overlaps with what I am doing here at Pink Sink. Seemed like a good fit.

All DAOpunks posts will be labeled as such, and you can find my first post here, which goes into a lot more detail about DAOpunks and the cohort:

Well, I think that is a wrap on this one. Posting might be a little more sporadic (than normal) while I am here in the States, but at the very least, look for a weekly DAOpunks update.

Until then,

live light


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