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Gloom ($GLOOM): Scenecoin Spotlight

It’s always darkest before it turns pitch black.

The /gloom channel on Warpcast is all about feeling down, complaining, and (as you’d assume) unfiltered gloom.

It is intentionally left unmoderated to facilitate the gloomiest vibe possible, and provides followers with a unique scene unlike any other channel on Warpcast. 

Eternal gloom is the priority, so (initially) no associated Scenecoin was launched by the channel creators or the community.

However, an unlikely cast from Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterinin the channel led to a chain of events that spawned one of the most successful Scenecoins to date – $GLOOM. 


$GLOOM was launched by @bixbite in February 2024.

In a late night/early morning experiment, she decided to launch the token mentioned in Vitalik’s cast for real.

The key factor that made $GLOOM stand out from other memecoins on Base at the time was the fact it was a “reflection token.”

Whenever a $GLOOM transaction took place, 1% of the transaction value was charged as a tax and redistributed amongst all $GLOOM holders.

This mechanism helped $GLOOM gain traction early on, and quickly propelled it from an experimental token to an established player on the Farcaster memecoin stage.

$GLOOM, and its separate, dedicated /gloomtoken channel has since expanded to over 4k members.

The token migrated from its reflection token origins to a more standard ERC20 token to expand its functionality and accessibility.

And @bixbite (with the help of the community) launched Gloomers, the exclusive $GLOOM ecosystem NFT collection, across the Base, Solana, and Optimism networks.


The scene of the $GLOOM token is a strange combination of the /gloom channels perverse negativity, combined with the vibrant enthusiasm of /gloomtoken.

Ultimately, there needs to be some positivity and excitement for a token to succeed as $GLOOM has. 

And this balance is where $GLOOM finds its scene — a community of dread-filled people creating the gloomiest creations possible, while having fun doing it.

The recent Gloom on-chain affiliates campaign also seems to have taken over the /gloomtoken feed (which actually perpetuates the gloom).


Ironically, the future of the ecosystem dedicated to existential gloominess does indeed look bright. 

The first “Gloomiverse” product (the gloomy “Onchain Affiliates” program) launched on June 1st. 

Users who share the Gloomers affiliate frame earn 10% of the ETH used to mint a Gloomer NFT through that frame.

Beyond the affiliate program, the Gloomiverse is set to continue to spread its gloomy ways. 

New gloomy products from @bixbite seem to be dropping every other week, and the $GLOOM community persists in turning Vitalik’s self-defeating prophecy into one of the most fulfilling scenes on Base.





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