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LeBleuElefant ($BLEU): Scenecoin Spotlight

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t at least thought about it.

LeBleuElefant ($BLEU) — a new token representing a blue elephant doing… that — is the latest Scenecoin making waves on Farcaster.

It is the perfect manifestation of everything that is so wrong, yet wonderfully right, about the current degenerate crypto scene. And it is undoubtedly deserving of its place as our first ever /scenecoin spotlight.


$BLEU was launched by popular Warpcast builder @agust on May 9th, 2024, using a novel in-frame token launcher made by @wagmi1337.eth.

Agust created the token to test out the token launcher. There was no intention of token surviving more than a day, let alone creating any utility.

However, thanks to the unforeseen meme-ablity of an autofellatious blue elephant, the token took off.

New Bleu memes began rolling in, Elefant NFTs started popping up, and the community rallied behind agust’s new creation.

Official LeBleuElefant artwork created by @animated

After the initial buzz wore off, the price of $BLEU (expectedly) dipped. Many thought this would be the end for the token – just another flash-in-the-pan joke coin. 

But while the price plateaued, agust and the Bleu community were just getting started.

Agust started a /lebleuelefant channel (which currently boasts over 1.4k followers), and the community evolved to create a unique “Scene” culture and vibrant ecosystem around LeBleu.


The scene that evolved in the Bleu community can be summed up by this eloquent cast by Farcaster OG and new $BLEU holder @keccers.eth.

BLEU is what almost all memecoins (and Scenecoins) are underneath – an Elephant sucking its own dick.

Although unintentional, agust managed to create a Scenecoin that perfectly satires the current state of the degenerate memecoin landscape.

Every memecoin is trying to be cool, trying to sell you an idea or unique way of life.

$BLEU knows your true way of life would be doing exactly one thing…. if only you could reach.


$BLEU has three distinct features that mix to make it the ultimate Scenecoin:

  1. A genuinely funny meme to draw you in

  2. A distinct brand that is relatable yet unique.

  3. A lighthearted (yet dedicated) community that makes you feel included.

Combine this with agust’s continued community initiatives and engagement, and $BLEU could quickly become one of the premier Scenecoins on Farcaster.

How to Buy

Thankfully, you won’t need to remove your ribs to get a grip on some $BLEU.

You can actually use the @swapbot frame linked in the cast just above to swap ETH for $BLEU in-frame.

Otherwise, you can head to the WETH/BLEU pairing on Uniswap.


🎩 Farcaster


DISCLAIMER: Please note that information in this article and in any articles posted on this blog is for general information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice.

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