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Purp ($PURP): Scenecoin Spotlight

The “personal-ecosystem-token” meta has arrived.

Farcaster power user and The Haberdashery (Degen DAO) founder @purp has self-launched his token, $PURP.

It is not the first of its kind (@animated’s $AM token pre-dates it), but the hype organically generated around it foreshadows the next stage in the Scenecoin evolution.

Anyone with a decent following (and even those without) will be looking to launch their own “personal ecosystem” token that represents their brand and rewards their community and supporters.


$PURP was launched by @purp on May 26th using Basecamp – a tool to launch Base network tokens directly on Uniswap.

@purp had publicly stated he had no plans to launch a token just a month before the $PURP launch.

However, on May 25th, @purp’s simple (almost troll-like) cast of “$Purp Likely??” in the /degen channel revealed he may have had a change of heart.

This cast was followed up a few hours later by the most nonchalant (read: based) TGE announcement ever.

The announcement triggered an influx of attention from the degenerates, and the eyes of the Farcaster scene were suddenly on @purp (not for the first time) and the $PURP token.

@purp would reveal post-launch the reason he went back on his “no-token” policy:

“Only reason I've chosen to do a coin is cause Basecamp is sudo team. I said a month or so ago I had no intention to launch a coin and meant it, but good projects should be used” - @purp


$PURP is a Founder-token, $AM is a Creator-token, $JENNER* (was advertized to be) a Celebrity-token.

They all have different labels, but essentially serve the same purpose – to represent the personal brand of their creator and act as a tool for them to benefit their followers (or whoever they want).

The Scene of these tokens is directly related to the personality and status of the person they represent.

In the case of $PURP, @purp is a builder. The scene for $PURP seems intended as a builder-focused (although @purp is still keeping things vague).

However, @purp’s social presence, hussle lifestyle, and sense of humor mean he will attract non-builders to $PURP.

Basically, if you vibe with @purp, think he’s the kind of bloke you’d get along with in real life, then $PURP is your scene.

*WARNING: $JENNER is a known scam, do not engage with it!


@purp has ties to many major communities within the Farcaster ecosystem and beyond. 

He’s already stated his intentions to utilize $PURP to “flex” his connections (part of the fun of creating the token).

What this exactly means is still unknown, but we can speculate that we will likely start seeing $PURP pop up as an option for more products around the Base ecosystem soon.




DISCLAIMER: Please note that information in this article and in any articles posted on this blog is for general information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice.

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