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New Oxford, Pa. Is Full of History, Culture, and Charm

Theresa and I have a lot of great memories of New Oxford

The first time I laid eyes on New Oxford, Pennsylvania, I thought it was a beautiful, quaint little town. My opinion hasn't changed.

Theresa and I lived in Adams County, Pennsylvania for 16 years. First, we lived on a 52-acre farm, which was the inspiration for a poem I wrote many moons ago.

We lived on that farm for about eight years, and practically raised our grandchildren there, before moving to Gettysburg, which is a hop and a skip from New Oxford. In fact, our first pastor at the church we attended in Gettysburg started an antique drop in New Oxford on New Year's Eve, a satirical homage to the ball drop in New York, the pickle drop in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, and other such events. The antique drop became a thing because New Oxford is known as the Antiques Capital of Central Pennsylvania.

Though it is a small town, New Oxford has several antique shops and is home to The Christmas Haus, a shop where German hand-made crafts can be bought. New Oxford is also home to a few historic homes. On top of that, it's not far from Hanover, Pennsylvania, which was the subject of another historic walking tour video.

Situated along the Lincoln Highway, itself a historic landmark, where the first automobiles could travel across the U.S., New Oxford is full of history, culture, and charm. That's probably why Theresa's and my video of our walking tour in New Oxford is so popular.

We moved from Pennsylvania in 2020, but we go back there often to visit our family there. On one such trip, we took the walking tour and filmed it for our YouTube channel subscribers. We have a lot of memories in New Oxford, including chasing Pokemon, watching a World War II reenactment, and hanging out with our grandchildren. Now, we have one more great memory to add to that collection. You can enjoy that memory with us by watching the video below.

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