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Quick Start Guide: Sonata

Earn NOTES for sharing your favorite songs!

This is a quick start guide to help you get up and running on the Sonata ecosystem as quickly as possible. I recommend reviewing Introducing Sonata for a more comprehensive guide on Sonata and the tokenomics around NOTES. There are some elements we omitted from this guide that are covered in that article.

This is not an official guide from the Sonata team and is entirely composed by a community member.

What is Sonata

Sonata is a platform where you can earn NOTES (lives on an L3 by Stack) by simply sharing your favorite songs. By casting your favorite songs on Warpcast or posting them on Sonata, it allows others to discover new music, and for you to earn NOTES in the process!

Be sure to follow the Sonata account and join the /sonata channel on Warpcast to stay updated on all things Sonata!

How to Get Started

1) Sign in with Farcaster on
2) Follow Sonata Bot on Warpcast.
3) Share links of your favorite songs on either Warpcast OR
4) Earn NOTES (tips) from others on the platform who appreciate what you have shared.

To earn NOTES for the song you casted/posted, it must be a link from Spotify, SoundCloud, or Sonata will support more music platforms in the future.

How to Tip Others

1) Go to
2) Ensure you signed in with your Farcaster account.

(Refer to this screenshot as reference points for the below)

3) On the top left, you will see your "Daily Allowance" of NOTES. That is your daily allowance of NOTES you can tip each day (resets at 10AM PST).
4) On the lower left-hand side, underneath each posted song, you will see a music symbol that you can click to leave a tip in NOTES.
5) You can toggle between, "Trending," "Recent," and "Following," to filter your feed.

NOTE: You must be a Power User on Warpcast to have an allowance, but stay tuned for an update there. Currently tipping in NOTES has to be done on, however, you can share songs on either Warpcast or for it to be eligible to receive NOTES tips. is able to extract casts from Warpcast and post them on to make them available for NOTES tipping.

Why Should I Do This?

To quote Sonata, "Tipping good music is the core focus of Sonata." Their novel mechanics in the music space incentivizes and rewards people to share good music, especially songs from emerging artists who have not been shared on the platform before.

The Sonata team is heavily inspired by DEGEN, and NOTES works very similarly, so you may be able to benefit from being early!

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