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Airdrop Guide Road to 100K

April 2024

GM GM OH BOY has it been a successfull month with huge gains and calls both in the Airdrop articles and in the Telegram channel (YOU SHOULD JOIN).

Whats in store in this Alpha article:

  • Starting off with all the Wins we have made and all the exciting airdrops

  • New airdrop Quest

  • New ways to get those points without using mainnet and waste $$$ on crazy fees!

  • DEGEN PLAY's (NOT Financial Advice)

  • NEWS

If you are new here please make sure you catch up on the airdrops you could have missed

Recent Wins in the airdrop Game!!!

SAGA airdrop is now live!!!!

BLAMMMMMOOOOO $7.5 at launch and huge gains!

Tokens are in your wallet!!!

This is my play and please don't follow me or that that this is a smart plan.

1) I’m selling my SAGA airdrop and moving it to scroll.

2) Sell saga to OSMO or ATOM as that where the best liquidity is at.

3) Then sell into Alexar USDC

4) Then use satellite money or squid router to chain of choice 🫡

There is a snapshot for stakers if you are going fot the projects being built on SAGA and additional rewards?!

Cashmere Labs Airdrop -

Check out how may points you have now!, you will need ETH on the OP network to claim! - Everything we did here was free and on the Testnet so its a W for all of us (claim cost $0.02)

read full article on the system here and the rest of the season!

APTOS Airdrop 2 -

We know there is a significant portion of tokens left for more airdops and we have participated in a few quest already. There are a few days left for the Stargate Campaign where you can get some APT tokens and possibly increase your Layer 0 as stargate uses Layer 0 Tech!

Check this Tweet

DYM Stakers upcoming Airdrops - (Some of these are not officially confirmed)

  • NIM (NIM Network) - word is $8 per token but thats a big pinch of salt!

  • RIZ (Rivalz Ai)

  • AGI (aigisos)

  • NBL (Nebula Fi)

  • DGM (Dogmondcoin)

  • WARD (Warden Protocol)

  • CROW (Crow Network XYZ)

  • SIGNAL (Sputnik Network)

Important alpha - Liquidity incentives are live and the APR is very decent if you are providing liquidity on the various DYM pairs.

As more Rollups launch the burn rate of DYM will become significantly higher and over time expect significantly lower amount of circulating tokens.

Do you want KelpDao, EigenLayer, Scroll activity, NovaPoints, LayerBank points, Zerolend points without having to using Mainnet?

KelpDao, EigenLayer & Scroll Points -

So as of the 4th of April new partnership between Scroll and KelpDao allows you to Natively stake your ETH on the Layer 2 network Scroll. Check this Tweet.

Why is this important to you?

  • No need for L1 >$100 fees to bridge your ETH

  • Seamless bridging ($1)

  • farming 3 airdrops in 1 go

  • complete this quest

KelpDAO Website

Seems like there is a big push on many projects posting about potential rewards on scroll!

Once liquidity pools launch on scroll you can get bonus points for doing that! ;) (make sure you check on the Kelp website for all official pools and info).

Then you deposit on LayerBank, You can choose to do looping 4 x which yields higher rewards but there are risks of leverage.

Nova Points, EigenLayer points, Layer Bank points.

All you need to do is to participate in the ZkLink Parade (similar to what Manta did) Link - Referal code - 265FA6

Similar to the above with Scroll but it is on the Zk Link nova chain, all the instructions are clear when you start the website. Then once agin deposit on LayerBank for rewards

  • Make sure you mint your Free SBT character!

  • You will be able to see what kind of points you are getting and how you can get rewards! Be sure to be careful with looping the funds! - we all have our own risk appetite.

Phase 2 of ZK-Link will start soon:

Full blog here

TLDR: Introduces a novel feature allowing users to use merged tokens on zkLink Nova dApps and earn rewards. Following the end of Phase I on April 14, with all Nova Points distributed, Phase II elevates user engagement with additional incentives:

  1. Merged Tokens: Holding merged tokens like Merged wBTC and Merged Stablecoins boosts Nova Points by 2.5x and 3x, respectively.

  2. Ecosystem Bootstrap: Engaging with zkLink Nova dApps earns extra Nova Points boosts ranging from 1.5x to 2x.

  3. Mystery Box Season 2 (Starting April 9, 12 PM UTC): Increases mystery box drops from 100 to 1000, with 100 based on leaderboard rankings and 900 randomly distributed to active referrers. Updates rewards to 500 and 1000 Nova Points, removing previous 3x and 4x boosters but compensating with multiplied Nova Points.

  4. Special Reunion for zkLink’s Super Friends: Airdrops rewards including Nova Point boosters and NFTs to participants of previous campaigns. (Which we have done over the last few months, make sure you are using the same wallet)

Phase II celebrates the launch of Token Merge, a unique process that consolidates equivalent-value tokens from the same entity across blockchains into a single token, enhancing usability and liquidity in the zkLink Nova ecosystem.

Kinetix Finance Airdrop -

This one is for the COSMOS eco users, following protocols stakers and users will be rewarded bellow:


  • TIA

  • OSMO

  • OxPolygon

  • Injective

See twitter post

Pizzverse Airdrop 2 -

I called $Pizza after going to a base event few months ago and told people to get some while it was a very low cap of $200k and we rode it up to $2M. We are still 100% in profit

You can get This airdrop in two ways:

Play their game they made on Farcaster

Link to game here , it Reset every 30 mins so you can get those points fast!!

check out theses Tweets:

  • 1

  • 2 - you need to follow the instructions


Well if these two things bellow are not a sign for the preparation for the MM airdrop then I don't know what!?

Are you a Pudgy Penguin holder?

We have participated in the Testnet so we should see rewards coming our way soon! BlueChip NFT's are scoring big big gains recently! Also Mode Network is getting a drop! I also presume that OP and maybe a zk-rollup will get airdrop based on this image. Thos who are participating in the parallel network Testnet too?

Bebop Airdrop?

This is real innovation! I spoke about this project 2 years ago i think and its just one of the best protocols out there, Check out my previous article which I wrote about Bebop!

I was just converting some of my dust rewards from a while ago. All in one transaction and 0% slippage!

Here is their quest page that you can claim stuff

zkSync -

Go to guild and update your roles ASAP to verify your resistance to Sibyil!! Also, I would recommend minting the badge too. Also refresh Gitcoin Passport.

ZeroLend AirDrop Official airdrop on the 29th April -

Intract have just launched a campaign with ZeroLend to get those extra points!

P.S. I 100% think Intract will have their own token like Layer3 social platform is doing and based on all the quest, levels and what streaks you get, will mean token allocation. They have raised a lot of money and it would make sense. This is the real competitor to Galxe.

DeBridge Airdrop points program! -

Start today here and get those points - plz use my referral here and i gib you big kiss - 12405

It seems to me that the War of the Bridges has begun, May the odds be in your favor!

XION airdrop -

Once again don't fade this airdrop, the Testnet is completely free and all the quests are explained easily and get those early reward NFT's. Max time to complete all the quest is 45 min in total spread across 3 days. Join here

I can see some of you who have joined have only completed some of the missions! Make sure you go back and do them!

They have also just completed another big raise, See bellow ;)

Router Airdrop X Boba Network

Here is a no brainer quest that get you easy points for router protocol and you can explore a new L2 or just bridge it back. Not many people have participated and the odds are looking good for you!


Talent Protocol engagement drop! -

In simple terms Talent protocol is the future of on chain resume/CV. In conjunction with Cloinlist this campaign aims to educate you. and spread awareness and you will be rewarded with tokens!

See full instructions here

All quests are here

Parallel airdrop -

Just a reminder to check the previous articles on the top of the page as this will be a sexy underfarmed airdrop! ;)

RhinoFi Airdrop campaign x zkSync x Layer3 -

3 Airdrops with 1 Campaign, join here and earn your share!

OG Labs airdrop -

Right now there is not much to do, unless you are tech savvy and know how to deploy a node. Id get some testnet for now as later on it may run dry once this become a popular project.

RN id recommend getting some roles on discord as its very early on and rewards are vert likely! - all speculative but yeah.


How to Run a node

Swell airdrop L2 announcement & Airdrop! -

Degen Plays -

Since we got into BOME on DAY 1, ive been searching for the NEXT one and there are two plays that have the hype and the backing to pull some crazy moves potentially! THIS IS 1000/10 on the DEGEN SCALE.

Base play: FOMOBase - There has been consistent shit posting of cool stories that have involved some effort!

Twitter contains actual animations made by the project to tell some stories and chapter etc! End of the day you are a cognitive individual and you can decide where you waste your money!

Linea Play: FOXY - Why well they participated in the official campaigns with Linea and they have had a massive community building memes and NFT collections.

No meme coins have really been hitting it off on Linea so this could be the biggest! Also its launching on Tier 1 Exchanges on day 1!!

Personally i will be buying on a DEX to farm that volume on Linea and aid in that airdrop! DYOR.


News and Raises -

you will be able to stake your $W tokens for MONAD, no official links out yet! ;)

An additional 25 Million have been raised and there are rewards for early testnet users! don't be a PLEB!

35 Million Rasied by OG Labs plus Testnet soon

Huge News from Wormhole

Personally I think GameFi is not needed rn, its a joke to the gaming community.

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