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Truth is uncomplicated and simple to understand.

It all started in 2013 when I took up meditation from the Theravada school of Buddhism and started practicing it seriously, later I also developed an interest in reciting certain mantras.

With the guru’s grace, my sleeping mind was ignited with awareness, which led to clarity on certain core spiritual concepts. This inspired me to document the wisdom flowing through me, just like water flowing through a jug into a glass.

So far, I have compiled this wisdom into 14 chapters that simplify the core concepts with lots of relevant modern-day examples which will help the readers to relate and connect with them.

#1 Neeyati, The Play Of Destiny
#2 What is Karma & Suffering
#3 Is There an After-Life
#4 Adding Positive Karma Points in Life
#5 Atheists, Believers, and Seekers
#6 Being Spiritual and The Path
#7 Burning Karma with Meditation
#8 Understanding Ego
#9 Is This A Dream World
#10 Why Religion
#11 Our Relationship With The Nature
#12 Trust, Truth, and Belief World
#13 How Women Can Reach Her Highest Spiritual Truth
#14 Saturn's Energies

I am planning to publish each chapter once a few weeks for my subscribers. The best way to assimilate this information would be to contemplate on it.

This paragraph publication is the gateway into our world. The first step towards godhood is collecting gems found in each of the chapters. Inspired by the blue-chip communities in web3 - Building #ConsciousHumans. Membership, Artdrops, Curated Spiritual Experiences, and lots more. More details as we evolve. So hold tight and enjoy the content.

We are inviting everyone interested in this world of spirituality with the purpose of uplifting the awareness of fellow beings because together we are - “Us Spiritual”.

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