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3 For Write3: Twitter Growth Masterclass

Plus, Tips For Creating Your Web3 Newsletter

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•1 Literary NFT Worth Collecting


1. Writer's Tip - Creating A Web3 Newsletter

On this week's Write3 Show, I hosted Colin Armstrong onf Paragraph. We chatted all things web3 newsletters. If you're trying to build an audience, I highly recommend starting a newsletter. Here's 3 quick tips:

👉🏻 Commit to a Schedule - Only start a newsletter if you have the time to commit to it's creation. Give yourself a deadline (Thursday by 11am), pick a cadence (weekly) and commit to a period of time (6 months). Then, stick to it!
👉🏻 Choose Long or Short Form - The two types of newsletters that work best are either deep dives or quick hits. Choose one or the other and hit publish!
👉🏻 Find a Niche - There are 100s of web3 newsletters. Stand out by choosing a niche. Go deep in one subject area and you'll succeed!

2. Write3 Opportunity - Write3 Jobs

3 companies looking for Write3 creators:

👉🏻 Ripple is hiring for a content manager
👉🏻 DroomDroom is hiring for a content manager
👉🏻 SeedPhrase Daily is hiring for Medium writer, Memer, Copywriter

3. Literary NFT Worth Collecting - Twitter Growth MasterClass

In a Write3 Newsletter first, I'm plugging my own literary NFT! Today, I dropped my most recent Mirror essay, titled 7 Twitter Algorithm Hacks to Build Your Web3 Following and Sell More of Your Work.

In addition to giving you all the tips & tricks you need to master the new Twitter algo, if you collect the essay, you'll receive access to my Twitter Growth MasterClass! The masterclass will be held on Thursday, March 30th (6pm cst) on my site,

Only 25 editions are available at .002eth. Collect it now!

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