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Newsication #011

Welcome, writer fam, to Newsication #011. In this issue, we'll discuss the guest writer for each issue. JD also released the white paper for public viewing for the first time and revealed the website is nearing completion. Let's dive in and see what else we have for you today.

The guest writer position in our Newsicaton is offered by way of a random number drawn from those who have subscribed to our Newsication issues across the various platforms. Medium, Substack, Paragraph or Zirkels. An email will be sent to the random draw winner with a form for the required information. It can be an article, story excerpt, a poem. Can be one one you wrote last month, last year or last decade. Or a brand new piece. We don't mind. Our only caveat is that it doesn't promote hate or violence. If we don't have a response within 48 hours, we will draw a new subscriber. So make sure you subscribe on your favourite platform we are publishing on.

Our website is nearing completion. You can access it here writerswithoutwalls.com. Open to suggestions, etc.

We are also on MediumSubstack and Zirkels. Whatever platform you read this on, if you have a question, a suggestion, or some feedback. Please do reach out. Or in the WritersWithoutWalls communities below. Remember to subscribe to our Newsication to be on the list for our guest writer spot.

Your Communities

Here are your two communities for Writers Without Walls. We’ve crafted these spaces with you in mind, each serving a unique purpose.

Writers Without Walls on Entre — Our Entre community is a hybrid setup that bridges the familiar Web2 and the emerging Web3. It’s a haven for all writers, regardless of their interest or experience in Web3. You can learn about the new digital frontier at your own pace, guided by experienced Web3 writers. We don’t like the sometimes confusing jargon or the ‘bro’ mentality, focusing instead on providing clear, accessible information. Whether you’re curious about protecting your identity, securing your finances, or safeguarding your tech, Entre is your safe place to explore.

Writer Without Walls on Common Ground — On the other hand, our CommonGround community is more Web3-focused. While it won’t be exclusively about Web3, it will have a strong Web3 orientation, which may be overwhelming for some. But it is a space where you can dive deeper, explore further, and immerse yourself in the Web3 realm.

These are new communities that we are nurturing, and you, the writers within, will shape them. Your participation, your voice, and your unique perspective will help mould these spaces into vibrant, inclusive, and diverse communities. So, whether you’re dipping your toes or ready to dive in, we’ve got a community for you. Let’s continue to write without walls, but not without rules.

From Andrew's Desk.

From David's Desk

From JD's Desk

This issue’s guest writer is — We don't have one. So, JD is sharing this piece.

Next issues guest writer invitation goes out to - BK Power. Watch out for an email soon.

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