Welcome to Hollow Creek, Arizona, where imaginations are illegal.

New kid Becca Arnold and her folks have ditched the city for sleepy Hollow Creek, but creepy whispers and haunted dreams chant "danger." And that's before she meets the other kids.

Ashley, the coolest girl at school, has one goal: get the hell out of town, just like her older brother has tried (and failed) to do. She knows that there's more to life than what Hollow Creek and its uptight adults have to offer.

That's exactly why, fter another in the latest of a long string of bizarre tragedies near the creek, Ashley starts a campaign to find the truth. So, she enlists her pal, Zach, a gadget whiz with a mega crush on Ash.

But much to Zach's disappointment, Ashley brings aboard another local. Quiet, hunky Ben plays ball for the school, and he's totally disinterested in childish games. He's there for Ash.

Then, just as they uncover a troubling clue, the new girl shows up. Immediately regarded as peculiar, Becca must win the trio's trust and join their ranks in an effort to face the past and the truth it holds.

Together, the motley foursome has two options: break the supposed curse and redeem Hollow Creek, or...

Let their hometown remain buried in haunted happenings.

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