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Weekly Update - 9/4/2023

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week


  • We have the final blog posts from @OrnellaWeb3, @d0wnlore and @Allyn Bryce. Read all about them below.

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  • OrnellaWeb3 🏴


    Allyn Bryce (liquidiot)

    Astro Insights for DAOpunks:

    Once in a Blue Moon in Pisces: A Cosmic Journey Awaits

    Happy September Daopunks! In our last insight, we talked about the power of Mercury going retrograde. Well, the universe had a special treat for us this week—a Blue Moon in Pisces that occurred yesterday the 31st of August! This rare lunar event is a cosmic invitation to dive deep into our inner worlds and manifest our wildest dreams.

    🌊Ride the Mystical Tides It was and still is a magical moment that supercharges our intuition and spiritual connections. It's a time for visions, dreams, and mystical messages. If you've been feeling stuck or overwhelmed, this moon offers a chance to go with the flow and release what no longer serves you.

    🌟Manifest Your Dreams Pisces helps us tap into boundless imagination, while Saturn's retrograde in Pisces prompts us to get real about our daily habits and spiritual practices. It's a perfect blend of dream and reality, urging us to put our spiritual insights into actionable steps.

    🌿Ritual for Emotional Release Feeling the emotional weight? Try a simple water ritual to cleanse and renew. Fill a bowl with water, set your intention, and visualize the water washing away any emotional burdens. Pour it out and feel the release.

    👉Want to dive deeper? For a comprehensive guide on how to navigate this Blue Moon in Pisces, including a detailed ritual and astrological insights, check out our latest blog post. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and New Month blessings!😃✨

    With Love, Encompass Well🌱

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