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✎ Can you share some insights about the background and experience of the creator or the team behind exalbots? What expertise or unique perspectives do they bring to the project, and how does their involvement contribute to the vision and development of the collection?

Sure. exalbots (with a lowercase “e”) is a “good-faith NFT project” offered via NamerTips. The NamerTips team is a core group of good-willed individuals with many years of collective creative and professional contributions to various industries. When blockchain technology started to come more into the mainstream discussion, our team naturally assembled with a common goal: Help build healthy bridges between community, culture, creativity and commerce in the blockchain technology space. We believe each one is a pillar for the space’s success. Our team’s collective experience runs parallel with its commitment to helping improve the world’s quality of life. We also have very bright, and forward-thinking, youth who contribute to our endeavor focus groups. They help reinforce the correlations we make between where “blockchain technology” and “real-world benefit” can progressively intersect as opposed to clash. We all feel privileged, and excited, to leverage blockchain technology to offer fun, and beneficial, brands like exalbots.

✎ Who are the key team members behind the exalbots project?

NamerTips LLC. is the formal entity behind the exalbots brand. I (Chris Neal) presently serve as the Community Engagement Liaison. The NamerTips team is comprised of some awesome individuals that believe “great efforts are the best form of introducing self”. We all look forward to the day where those who’ve benefited from our collective efforts can put a name and face with the positive results. (Maybe in the form of an NFT and virtual meetup.)

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✎ Is there a website or any other platform where I can find more information about the exalbots project? I noticed that the domain is currently linked to your Opensea account. Are there any plans to launch a dedicated website for the project in the future?

So, the choice to point the exalbots “centralized” domains (http: / .xyz and http: / .xyz) to OpenSea is part of our Dweb/blockchain on-ramping strategy for the brand. Once every Season 1 exalbot is claimed, the domains will then be exclusively pointed to the exalbots Twitter page. We want people to be met with the exalbots community’s real-time engagement as opposed to a single-visit website. Hence, pointing the domains to an active “social” media platform. Without giving too much away, we’re more focused on providing virtual experiences to NFT holders as opposed to garnering their website traffic. Because of this, each exalbot NFT holder will receive an exalbots “ID-access” NFT. The ID-access NFT is a set of (you guessed it) “4 exalbot blockchain domain names”. Each starting with the ID number of a holder’s exalbot. This means CryptoLiban can expect to receive “041.exalbot.nft”, “041.exalbot” among others. Each from a different namespace and with unique access privileges for virtual spaces etc. This is the reason we opted not to take the conventional approach by heavily pegging a decentralized project to a centralized website. We want to lead with blockchain as much as possible. After all, the goal is to help positively shape “blockchain” community culture.

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✎ What inspired the choice to create a collection of 444 exalbots faces and what do these happy faces symbolize within the NFT community?

Great question! The exalbots are a creative ode to “good vibes” and “evolving benefit”. Our team realized there’s a void in wholesomeness that exists in certain aspects of blockchain community culture and offerings. There’s a great deal of “tribalism and conflict” among certain “communities” at the moment; which is only exacerbated by human-disconnect. Considering NamerTips has ALWAYS been a strong advocate for healthy community culture, we set out to launch an endeavor that would be a stark contrast to the culture of negativity. One that’s practical, but unassumingly powerful, in meaning. Hence, the exalbots. In the real-world, a “genuine smile” is the universal symbol for happiness no matter what continent you call home. In the digital realm, “bots” are viewed as tools for streamlining tasks. So, it made perfect sense for NamerTips to use a “happy bot” as the symbol for streamlining genuine happiness, and positivity, in the blockchain space. Of course, with a human-twist.

✎ In exploring the exalbots collection, I'm intrigued by the number 444. Could you provide insights into the significance of choosing precisely 444 exalbots for this collection? Is there a particular reason or symbolism behind this specific number?

Absolutely! “444” was chosen for a number (pun intended) of symbolic and logistical reasons. From a symbolic standpoint, 4 represents the base amount of walls necessary to build “securely”. At this phase of the blockchain space’s existence, building is obviously a core-focus. However, there seems to be more of an emphasis placed on “what’s being built” as opposed to “how it’s being built”. This has transferred into how certain projects, teams and businesses approach “building community”. Many treat community as “a byproduct of their project” as opposed to the other way around. Often to the detriment of the “real people” who comprise their community. The NamerTips team agreed that 444 was a number that allowed for a secure, and organic, building of community. Furthermore, it allows a “practical scaling” of the benefits afforded to those who are members. It’s also worth noting there will only be (4) seasons of exalbots released. The following seasons will evolve in appearance and function. From there, exalbot releases will be discontinued indefinitely so the project exclusively focuses on celebrating the community’s members, their growth and advancement.

✎ Considering that exalbots are described as '1 of 1' and 'royalty-free,' could you elaborate on the benefits and advantages that come with owning an exalbot NFT? How does the concept of being '1 of 1' contribute to their value and uniqueness in the NFT market?

The exalbots being “1 of 1” lends itself to the facilitation of a long-standing level of “holder’s pride”. More specifically, the pride that comes with holding an asset that’s truly exclusive to, and designed for, YOU. With exalbots, 1 of 1 is “less about the count” and “more about the customization”. This ultimately allows exalbots to standout in a space where most projects are “Ai/generative”, “measured in the thousands” and “rely on traits to justify price and creator’s royalty”. NamerTips consciously chose to forgo a creator’s royalty for the exalbots because it didn’t mesh with the idea of “true ownership and value” we’re looking to convey. We’re proud to say exalbots have a 0% creator’s royalty despite being custom-designed. The initial buy-in is enough for us. Although we’d love for each exalbot to have a forever wallet, we also understand the commerce aspect of NFT trading too. If a holder opts to sell or trade their happiness, NamerTips believes they’re entitled to the proceeds. After all, it’s their NFT the moment they acquire it. Hence, no creator’s royalty. With that stated, some might wonder “How is NamerTips so fine with NOT collecting a royalty when generating a profit helps sustain future investment into the project?”. The answer rests with our ability to monetize the exalbot IP (Intellectual Property) in other ways, both online and offline, that also benefit holders. exalbots NFTs represent “good vibes” and “a share of the bigger picture” they’re attached to.

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✎ With the promise of incentives for exalbot holders when their NFTs are commercially licensed by NamerTips partners, could you provide more details on how this incentivization process works? What kind of benefits can holders expect to receive, and how does this add value to the exalbot NFT ownership experience?

This is where the “secret-strategy” won’t be a secret anymore. (Just kidding.) We sincerely want other projects and communities to watch our approach and constructively mirror it. Not for profit; but for the people though. Remember, exalbots are “about the people” and “for the people”. As for how the incentivizing works, it’s as simple as an exalbot holder like CryptoLiban waking up to find a crypto-bonus in their wallet or a notice on the exalbots Twitter account notifying holders they have discounted, or free, real-world exalbot items they can redeem. These benefits exist for the lifecycle of the project. Not to mention the promotional support each holder receives from exalbots. exalbots are unique in the sense they grant holders “a courtesy entitlement to royalties/incentives” whenever ANY exalbot is licensed by a NamerTips partner. We have partners who’ve already committed to releasing books and other awesome things that feature exalbots. Imagine seeing your exalbot in an app or cartoon, with a backstory similar to your own, and being compensated for holding the NFT, sharing good vibes and doing your part to help move the space forward. Remember, earlier there was mention of “the practical scaling of benefit”. NamerTips consciously avoided the “lofty promises”, “heavy-weight roadmaps”, “manufactured hype” and ultimately the idea of “rug-pulling” that has plagued the NFT space in particular. We opted to leverage our existing relationships and expertise to share value and benefits with holders on a whim. All in the name of an endeavor that promotes good vibes and healthy community culture. Happy has a new face….and benefit. What more can I say?

✎ how do you envision the project's path to success?

The exalbots endeavor’s path to success is rooted in the ability to sustain promotion of genuinely good vibes while celebrating, and rewarding, the community. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s TRULY a good-faith endeavor. We don’t prefer people to claim an exalbot based on “hype”. We’d rather they acquire one based on how it makes them feel. The exalbots endeavor isn’t meant to mirror “the status-quo idea of NFT success” some people have come to associate with NFTs in general. We’re seeking to carve a new path. One that inspires new, and better, ways to employ NFTs. Sure, we look forward to every exalbot NFT being acquired; but we simply aim to give holders something positive to look forward to on a regular basis. The blockchain space is still so early; but there’s already too many projects that share an underlying “shill and bag-pumping ethos”. This is one reason we believe rug-pulls have been so prevalent. The contrasting nature of the exalbots endeavor is what makes it so special. It’s intended to help balance the proverbial scales; and give people of all ages a wholesome angle to look at the blockchain space from. At the end of the day, we hope exalbots help people discover, and showcase, the best part of their digital self/pursuits. So much so that a bit more real-world faith in humanity is restored.

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