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Ultimate Airdrop Guide!

May 2024

BM BM frens!

Well we have scored big with the recent airdrops and so mu h more coming up in the next quater! Stay tuned to this article of freeeeeeee ways to make monnniessssss!

Whats in store in this Alpha article:

  • Starting off with all the Wins we have made and all the exciting airdrops

  • New airdrop Quest

  • NEWS

If you are new here please make sure you catch up on the airdrops you could have missed:

W's -

Kresko Kredits -

If you are an OOG you would have done the Testnet for Kresko and now we are able to claim some rewards! chek the article bellow for all the steps yo need to do!

Right now its only for Testnet users, but it seems like there are future chains like OP, ARB and some other protocol users that will be able to claim rewards later on!

Spectral airdrop for base users -

I some how am able to claim this so you might be able too! - this one was a surprise and the token is at $5! currently worth $2k - do this is you are a farcaster (active)

Criteria is here

Try out spectral here

ZeroLend Airdrop -

This airdrop was Mid and many people disappointed but its free money!

Avail DA stage two Airdrop -

This stage mainly focuses on Polygon users!

Mande airdrop for DYM Stakers live -

LL airdrop LIVE (Phase 1)

EigenLayer -

Phase 1 airdrop (there will be much more in the subsquent phases, we have been doing NOVA, SWELL, KELP DAO and those points will be given out in phase 2

DRIFT Airdrop is out -

Orbiter finance -

If you have used orbiter finance between the 1st of March and the 20th of April then you will be able to get the Color airdrop! Check this tweet here

You can also get some m ore orbiter point with the new X-Layer campaign! personally im not doing it as all these CEX's making zk-evm chain just to farm people for money but its free points so its pretty decent as you usually get 5-10 O points. link

Quests you need to do -

Convergance Genesis Airdrop -

Complete these Tasks on Galxe and get the exclusive OAT that may lead to future rewards!

  • Join discord

  • Quizz answers: A, A, C, B, A (you welcome)

MintFun Acquisition by ZORA -

This could be a bonus for Zora airdrop as they have just bought out the competition that started before them! We have seen platforms give out airdrops to protocol users! MINT

Bellow is an Official ZORA NFT, This is the second time they have releases am 11:11 NFT so this could mean something!

I also made a zorb but don't mint it unless you want activity it has no use case! I deployed and created stuff as they will probably reward creators as well as users so why not do both! Most people are probably just minting and they will be the salty E-beggar (not me at all). Although my zorb is way cooler than their shitty ones TBH. (also follow my account plz <3)

If you create your own NFT/MINT etc use my referral here , but also you don't have to! Ill just come after you when you sleeping!


Also will be on Binance lauchpool!

ZK-Pass airdrop and Token farming -

Complete all these tasks an start getting these credit tokens

Initia Airdrop -

Complete this Galxe quest and claim the OAT - A: B C B C B B B C B D

Layer N -

here are the answers for you:

  • What is Layer N? - D

  • What are the 2 main things that Layer N solve? - B

  • What is the StateNet? - D

  • What are XVMs? - A

  • What is NordVM - D

  • How much throughput can Layer N handle? - D

  • How fast is Layer N in terms of latency? - A

  • Does a rollup in Layer N need bridges to compose with another rollup? - B

  • Can a smart contract on an EVM rollup compose with an XVM rollup in Layer N? - A

  • What's Layer N's mascot name? - C

you owe me 5% of your airdrop!

Scroll Airdrop -

We have a new points like system called Marks, Lucky for you as you have been following me since Testnet, we have been rewarded with some prior to the campaign for those early supporters! so a big congratulations to us <3

Check out full article here from the official scroll website or TLDR:

  • Scroll Sessions: Loyalty program rewarding community engagement in Scroll ecosystem

    • Begins with "Session Zero"

    • Earn Scroll Marks for participation

  • zkEVM L2: Foundational layer for next-gen protocols

    • Mainnet launched October 2023

    • Thriving ecosystem: DeFi, social, etc.

  • Session Zero Eligibility:

    • Bridge ETH or wstETH via native bridge or STONE using LayerZero to Scroll

    • Marks accrued by holding these assets on Scroll

  • Retroactive Rewards:

    • Marks allocated to members since Scroll Mainnet launch (October 10th, 2023)

  • Frontend Tracking:

    • Soon introduce frontend for tracking Marks

  • Onchain Future: Journey inscribed on Scroll


Just a reminder to check the previous article for all the confirmed airdrops for staking your DYM!

NIM is going to be the first and i told you in the telegram to vote on the deployment of the new roll-ups!

Also a reminder thatb the liquidity incentives are running for a bit longer and some good rewards are inbound!

Update your Gitcoin passport -

To ensure you get that zkSync Airdrop you will need a humanity score of 20 minimum! don't be a pleb and miss this! link

one way to do this also to participate in Gitcoin funding rounds which have just launched. For example it might be worth donating once to a decent project as NAMADA airdropped people who have donated in the past and being active in public goods and voting (AVAIL DA)

projects I may donate to (none of this is financial advice and don't follow me):

  • HEY (formerly Lenster) - also may help you with thier airdrop as their points system is out

  • ZKP2P - Fiat on Ramp

  • JediSwap (StarkNet) - Community run DEX

  • Full list here

  • Follow me on HEY plz

Privasea Airdrop -

Backed by Binance and OKX ventures , I think we could see a good drop from them! BIG WORD "Incentives"

Start collecting these points

Mande Network -

Just follow everything that is in this tweet and start earning achievements - Airdrop confirmed for DYM stakers

LAyer Zero Airdrop TGE SOON -

Get your final transactions in using the Layer0 supported bridges!

Mercle -

Makse sure you get your POW scores/badges as they could help you in your activity on various chains and maybe if they do their token!

SWELL L2 airdrop -

Just a reminder that Swell will be launching soon, i disscused how i staked my ALT airdrop into the projected to get Egien Layer points!

Join the pre-launch here

Parallel airdrop is coming soon -

We have done the incentivised testnet and now time for the mainnet!

Taiko Airdrop (Final Testnet & Mainnet launch) -

Vote to deploy Uniswap on mainnet is live, not many chains get uniswap on Day 1 so this will be big AF and the early rewards will probably be insane for the early liquidity depositors!

So what do you do with this testnet? well everthing we have done over the last year!

  • deploy contracts

  • create tokens

  • liquidity

  • swaps

  • dApps interactions


  • Bridge

  • Make NFT and Bridge it!

Taiko x BlazPay -

secure your share of tokens by completing this campaign!

TIA & PYTH stakers airdrop -

  • Phase 2 of the airdrop here

Base special NFT -

Only early early people on testnet will be able to get this one but its worth checking!

BASED NFT MINT ON OPENSEA - Brian Armstrong has been taking about it!

Holograph airdrop confirmed -

NEW NFT available to mint, and try the bridge function!

Pizzaverse Airdrop 2 -

Play this frame on Farcaster to earn points! - Why well i think wen BITCOIN PIZZA DAY comes around we could see a huge surge in price, this is my speculation! so please be weary! I know tht i have mentioned this project many times, i really think we could see great potential!

Also please follow me you degens and i gib you a kiss <3

XION airdrop:

New quests have been released so dont miss out on this airdrop (confirmed for doing these quests)

Don't fade this airdrop, its free and its the under used/farmed airdrops that make real money! - mint this

LayerBank Airdrop THOON -

ZkLink boxes -

Complete these quests to boost your allocation!

Get yourself a Beam account -

create one here

Social Platform Airdrops -

1) Get a Lens profile

2) Get a Hey account - Points are out rn

3) Get a Farcaster account


Bullish on the bellow project! only extension you need to be a true defi degen!

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