Keys, Jailbreak and More

From The Desk of Wolf Pup #0
Seattle, Wa
Feb 2, 2023

It's been a busy week here in the lab. Here is a #wolfish to help you get caught up.

Collectibles as keys

I've introduced the "lead dominoes" to 3 paths you can choose to walk. Along the way, you will pick up collectibles that double as keys which will open various doors along the way.

Read about them here.

The fourth path, The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain, has been revealed, but there are no collectibles yet. I'm waiting for the Why The Pain to sell out so we can send the money over to Zach's family.

Operation: Jailbreak

I've been working late nights in the lab getting the Wolf Pup Journeys dialed in for maximum impact and value. Spending so much time here, I've realized some strange behavior from the lead scientists and security guards.

I also found an anonymous note that I definitely did not write, followed by a second note that I also definitely did not write. But if I did write them, it would be quite heroic of me, I think. You can see them here:

Private note that I didn't write #1
Private note that I didn't write #2
Private note that I didn't write #3

I have a feeling there will be another note from an entirely anonymous source that is definitely not me in the next day or two calling all master collectors to step up.

That's it for now.

Wolf Pup #0
PS. Check out what my friend Doc The Wolf is cooking up over in his world. It's neat stuff. kthanksbye.

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