What about music in web3?

The large part of the international population is not clear that a revolution of proportions unimaginable until a few years ago is brewing.

Because as all digital artistic objects (for physical objects a similar but more complex argument can be made) become NFTs the whole dynamic of artistic and creative activity will be changed at the root.

The first experiments in this regard already exist and can be useful to understand what will happen in the near future.

There are sites that allow a musician to ask his fans to advance money to finance the composition of a new song.

At first sight this seems like a simple crowdfunding mechanism but it is not so because the musician makes available to the fans/funders 50% or less of the royalties that will be generated from the sales of the song itself.

So instead in the complex procedures of classic crowdfunding (e.g., gift of additional materials to backers, with close correlation between level of funding and level of benefits received) a great simplification is achieved with the receipt of a portion of the royalties from the fans/funders.

The question to ask is, what happens to music businesses if they do NOT advance money to musicians?

Let me give you an example: let's say an unknown musician offers his friends and acquaintances 50% of the royalties from his first song. Hardly such a transaction leads to huge earnings but if the song comes out as NFT it could earn a few thousand euros/dollars.

Not a huge level of earnings but enough to convince fans/funders to repeat the experiment with the second song by the same musician who, however, now has a larger fan-base because the first song was liked.

The experiment is repeated for other songs and the number of backers (again at 50 percent of royalties) becomes larger. And so on for several times.

Until the musician's fan-club becomes so large that it leads to his becoming a music star.

At that point various avenues open up for the musician: a) he can continue down the same path (50 percent of royalties to the funding fans or b) he can reduce the fee for which he seeks funding e.g. to 20 percent or c) he can issue a crypto-token tied to one of his individual songs or albums or his entire discography. Given the demand there will be the value of the crypto-token will rise dramatically or again d) he could abandon fan funding and self-fund his entire output, or e) I can come back to the old road and make a a deal with music producers.

The interesting thing about this procedure is that the early backers could receive a huge flow of money over time because when a musician has become famous new fans also want to discover his early creations and this generates royalties to both the musician and his early fan-base.

The majors face a mortal threat.


Revolutionizing Cinematic Universes: The Power of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, creators seek innovative ways to develop and manage expansive cinematic universes encompassing various media formats.

Traditional structures often encounter hurdles in protecting intellectual property (IP) and ensuring widespread distribution. However, the emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) presents a paradigm shift in this arena. In a series of article, we will delve into why DAOs stand as the most efficient and secure architecture for the development and management of cinematic universes, offering unparalleled IP protection and maximizing global distribution across diverse media platforms.

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The concept of a cinematic universe has transcended traditional boundaries, expanding beyond films to include television series, books, podcasts, graphic novels, and more. With the increasing demand for immersive storytelling experiences, creators face the challenge of effectively managing these multifaceted universes while safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

Enter Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), blockchain-based entities governed by smart contracts and decentralized decision-making processes. I’ll start by exploring how DAOs revolutionize the development and management of cinematic universes, providing unmatched security and efficiency in IP protection and global distribution.

PART 1 - What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a type of organization that operates autonomously through smart contracts on a blockchain network. Unlike traditional organizations where decision-making authority is centralized in a hierarchical structure,

DAOs distribute decision-making power among their members using blockchain technology. Here's an overview of its key components and mechanisms:

• Smart Contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. In a DAO, smart contracts are used to encode rules and processes governing the organization's operations, including voting mechanisms, fund allocation, and membership rules.

• Token Holders: DAOs typically have a token-based governance system wher members hold tokens representing their ownership or stake in the organization. The number of tokens held by a member often determines their voting power and influence in decision-making processes.

• Proposals and Voting: Members of a DAO can propose changes, initiatives, o expenditures within the organization. These proposals are typically submitted to a decentralized voting mechanism where token holders can vote on whether to approve or reject them. The voting outcomes are executed automatically through smart contracts.

• Governance Mechanisms: DAOs may implement various governance mechanisms to facilitate decision-making, such as majority voting, quadratic voting (where votingpower is proportional to the square of the number of tokens held), or liquid democracy (where members can delegate their voting power to others).

Advantages of DAOs in governance and decision-making include:

• Transparency: Since DAO operations are recorded on a public blockchain, all transactions and decisions are transparent and auditable by anyone, ensuring accountability within the organization.

• Decentralization: DAOs operate on decentralized blockchain networks, eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries or authorities. This decentralization reduces the risk of censorship, corruption, or single points of failure.

• Inclusivity: DAOs enable anyone with internet access to participate in decision-making processes, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomi status. This inclusivity promotes broader community involvement and diversity of perspectives.

• Efficiency: Smart contracts automate many organizational processes, such as fund allocation and voting, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining decision-making processes.

• Trustless Governance: DAOs operate without the need for trust in any single entity or individual, as all actions are governed by predefined rules encoded in smart contracts. This trustless governance model enhances security and reduces the risk of manipulation or fraud.

• Overall, DAOs represent a novel approach to organizational governance that leverages blockchain technology to foster transparency, decentralization, and inclusivity in decision- making processes.

PART 2 - The Evolution of Cinematic Universes

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, cinematic universes and multi-media storytelling have become prevalent phenomena, captivating audiences across the globe.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to sprawling interconnected narratives in video games and literature, the concept of weaving intricate storylines across various media platforms has revolutionized storytelling. As we delve into the rise, evolution, advantages, challenges, and the promising future of these narrative forms, it becomes evident that Web3 and blockchain technology hold the key to their continued growth and global exploitation.

The concept of cinematic universes gained momentum with the success of Marvel Studios' interconnected superhero films. The MCU, launched in 2008 with "Iron Man," pioneered a new era of storytelling, where individual character arcs intersected within a larger narrativ framework. This approach allowed for cross-pollination of characters, storylines, and


themes across multiple films and television series, creating a rich and immersive universe Simultaneously, multi-media storytelling expanded beyond film and television, encompassing video games, comic books, novels, and online platforms. Franchises like "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," and "Game of Thrones" extended their narratives throughvarious mediums, offering fans deeper engagement and exploration of their favorite worlds.


A) Immersion and Engagement. Cinematic universes and multi-media storytelling foster deeper audience engagement by offering diverse entry points into the narrative. Fans can explore different facets of the story across multiple platforms, enhancing their immersion and investment in the fictional universe.

B) Expanded Universes. These narrative forms allow creators to expand their storytelling beyond the confines of traditional formats. Characters and plotlines can evolve dynamically across various media, enriching the narrative tapestry and satisfying diverse audience interests.

C) Brand Synergy. Cinematic universes leverage brand synergy to maximize audience reach and commercial success. Cross-promotion between films, merchandise, and ancillary content amplifies the franchise's visibility and generates additional revenue streams.


A) Consistency and Continuity. Maintaining consistency and continuity across diverse media platforms presents a significant challenge for creators. Ensuring coherence in storytelling, character development, and world-building requires meticulous planning and coordination.

B) Audience Fragmentation. While multi-media storytelling offers diverse experiences, it also risks fragmenting the audience across different platforms. Managing audience expectations and accessibility across various mediums can be daunting for creators.

C) Intellectual Property Rights. Multi-media storytelling involves complex negotiations and legal considerations regarding intellectual property rights. Collaborating with multiple stakeholders across different industries requires robust legal frameworks and agreements.


A) Decentralized Owenrship. Blockchain enables decentralized ownership and management of digital assets, including intellectual property rights, digital collectibles,and fan-generated content. Creators can tokenize their assets, allowing fans to participate in the ownership and governance of the narrative universe.

B) Interoperable Ecosystem. Web3 fosters an interoperable ecosystem where content creators, developers, and fans can collaborate seamlessly across various platforms.

Smart contracts and decentralized protocols facilitate cross-platform interactions, enabling fluid integration of narratives and experiences.

C) Immutable Record-keeping. Blockchain ensures transparent and immutablerecordkeeping of transactions and interactions within the narrative ecosystem.

Creators can track the provenance of digital assets, prevent unauthorized distribution, and reward contributors fairly through token-based incentives.

D) Fan Engagement and Monetization. Web3 enables innovative models for fan engagement and monetization, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and token-based incentives. Fans can collect,

trade, and interact with digital assets while contributing to the growth and sustainability of the narrative universe.

We can say that cinematic universes and multi-media storytelling have reshaped the entertainment landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for audience engagement and creativity. As we embrace the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology, we stand on the brink of a new era of decentralized, immersive, and inclusive storytelling, where creators and fans collaborate to shape the narratives of tomorrow.

We will continue our exploration of cinematic universes in the Web 3 and blockchain

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A new beginning

With this post we launch the 2137AD Newsletter that chronicles the evolution of the 2137AD Project (https://discord.gg/xbdBkCvR3W)

We are currently proceeding in 2 directions:

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(a) we are redesigning the website to make it clear that the whole project is based on user collaboration;

b) we are building an internal currency to remunerate external users' collaborations.

At a later stage this internal currency will be converted 1 to 1 into a token backed by Polygon's blockchain.

We want to clarify that this newslellwr is also based on collaboration so anyone who wants to write an article (related to the Crypto and AI world) is welcome.

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2137ad.com - Cinematic Universe

Da oggi inizia ad essere pubblico l'Universo Cinematico di 2137ad. Per ora si tratta solo di una Landing Page ma presto comparirà un sito complesso al posto della Landing Page stessa e si inizierà a creare sia i personaggi che le narrazioni di vario tipo: 2137ad.com

Ditemi che cosa ne pensate.

Una rivista vera e propria

La transizione dal web 2.0 al web 3.0 è un evento di proporzioni enormi. Come potete vedere dalla figura allegata tutto quello che conosciamo verrà messo in discussione e modificato.

Molte società del Web 2.0 verranno eliminate ed altre si adatteranno e riusciranno a crescere nel nuovo contesto.

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Per seguire questa transizione c’è necessità di una quantità enorme di know-how che ovviamente nessuna persona possiede da sola.

Per questa ragione vi comunico che “NFT/Crypto Creations” piano piano si trasformerà in una vera e propria rivista con varie persone che vi scriveranno sopra.

Il passaggio dalla situazione attuale ad una forma più complessa richiederà vari mesi ma ormai la macchina si è messa in moto.

Sperò che quello che verrà pubblicato vi possa interessare come vi ha interessato quello che è stato pubblicato sino ad ora.

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Per entrare nella DAO

Sto costruendo una Serie Tv ed il suo Ecosistema connesso (Podcast, Graphic Novel, Game per Cellulare, Metaverso ecc) con l'appoggio di un importante Incubatore di Silicon Valley che ha iniziato a investire nel Progetto per creare una DAO (per chi non conosce il termine si tratta di una specie di Spa che però viene gestita in automatico dal software sulla Blockchain). Chi è interessato a sapere di più sulla Serie o sull'Ecosistema può entrare nel Discord Server usando questo invito (discord.gg/deqMt2kXm9). Coloro che saranno interessati a creare parti dell'ecosistema (immagini, sceneggiature, software ecc) riceveranno in cambio delle quote della DAO (cioè della Spa). Ovviamente non ci sono vincoli di sorta. Ecco ancora l'invito per saperne di più: discord.gg/deqMt2kXm9

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The innovative idea of this Project is to Tokenize the IP Rights of an entire Cinematic Universe that speaks about the effects of Climate Change on Earth’s life. 

Then build a DAO upon the Token and develop the interaction of the Community.

Discord Server for the Community: https://discord.gg/deqMt2kXm9

To understand better the Project take a look to the TV Series Pitch Deck and the Mobile Game Proposal.

Pitch Deck

Presentation & Script

Mobile Game Proposal

The first 46 Visual Tables of the Pitch Deck (images for communication purpose only – no commercial use) are especially relevant.

Here the Concept of the overall Cinematic Universe:

Humans after the Collapse due to the Climate Change, live in Small Colonies on Earth and one Colony on Mars.

It’s 2137 AD and Climate Change has hit hard. There’s a Green Sky from high CO2.   Temperatures are up 9F°/5C°. Billions died in the Apocalypse Wars for food and the few survivors are scattered in Colonies on Earth and one on Mars.

Scientist Sonia Contado is developing a formula to reverse the warming and save Humans from extinction. But the men leading the Colonies want to steal it to increase their power and crush their enemies.

The war that ensues is even more dangerous than the CO2 itself.

The 2137 A.D. DAO will control the IP Rights of all the elements of the Cinematic Universe:

NFT Collection

Graphic Novels

Mobile Games

2137 AD Token

TV Series (5 Seasons)

Blockchain Game (PC) with the same visuals

a Series of Books

Physical Children Toys based on the same characters and visuals

a Table Game


2137 AD Metaverse



  1. NFT Collection Preparation (3 months)

  2. Graphic Novel design (2 months) and publishing as NFT Ticket and in traditional way. In this way the NFT become the Premium

  3. NFT Collection Emission (1 month)

  4. 2137 AD Token Preparation (2 months)

  5. Writing of the TV Series First Season (some writers - 4 months)

  6. Mobile Game Development (6 months)

  7. Re-writing TV Pilot with USA/UK qualified editor/writer

  8. 2137 AD Token Emission (2 months)

  9. Agreement with SVOD (Netflix, Amazon   etc) or big TV Producer (Bad Robot, Freemantle, etc) to partially-finance the TV Series Pilot

  10. Creation 2137 AD DAO with Token governance


  1. Blockchain Game (PC) Development Start (5 months)

  2. Pilot TV Series Preparation (2 months)

  3. TV Series Pilot Production (1 month)

  4. Book (5 months)

  5. Preparation First Season TV Series (5 months)

  6. Start Production Blockchain Game (PC) Production Start (2 months)

  7. Start TV Series Production

Disney 3.0 DAO

"2137 AD - Under a Green Sky" è un progetto multimediale di Science Fiction che punta a costruire attorno a sé un intero Ecosistema di dimensioni globali. E’ stato chiamato Disney 3.0.

NFT/Crypto Creations (in italiano) is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

L'obiettivo iniziale è creare in un paio di anni: una Serie TV, un Game per cellulare ed uno per PC, almeno 3 Collezioni di NFT, due Graphic Novels e l'avvio di un Metaverso dedicato.

Gli IP Rights di tutto questo saranno la base per la costruzione di una DAO a cui potranno partecipare chi è interessato.

In basso i link al materiale di base del Progetto.

Questo progetto ha suscitato l'interesse di un importante finanziere di  Silicon Valley che oltre al supporto finanziario fornirà tutto il supporto tecnologico.

I primi 100 iscritti al Server Discord del progetto saranno alla base dello sviluppo del progetto e potranno usufruire di vantaggi finanziari (che stiamo definendo) nel momento della costruzione della DAO.

Ovviamente oggi l'iscrizione al Discord Server è gratuito e non vincolante per la partecipazione futura alla DAO. 

Ecco l'invito per il Server: https://discord.gg/deqMt2kXm9

Ed ecco ill Materiale di base: 

1. Pitch Deck: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/1Pwvekc3944ai4

2. Presentazione e Script del Pilota: https://www.slideshare.net/luforfor/3-2137-ad-short-presentaion-script/1

3. Proposta del Game x Cellulare:  https://www.slideshare.net/luforfor/4-2137-ad-mobile-game-2-proposal/1

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"2137 AD - Under a Green Sky" DAO

Dopo aver parlato a lungo di come il sistema degli NFT/Crypto possano permettere di finanziare una Progetto di intrattenimento SENZA l’intervento monetario dei Distributori, ecco che proprio su “2137 AD - Under a Green Sky” (un progetto di Serie TV con la creazione di un ecosistema di intrattenimento collegato) uno dei maggiori finanziatori di Silicon Valley (ha finanziato AirBnB tra gli altri) si fa avanti e decide di intervenire sia con denaro che con supporto tecnologico (software, marketing, management ecc).

Allo stato attuale ci sono solo le 120 Pagine del Progetto di Serie Tv e e 6 Pagine del Progetto di Mobile Game collegato.

Il piano prevede che si arrivi a presentare al pubblico:

  1. Una Serie TV

  2. Un Mobile Game

  3. Una o più Collezioni di NFT

  4. Un Token associato al Progetto 2137 AD (nome probabile del Token “2137 AD Token”)

  5. l’avvio di Merchandising

  6. un Graphic Novel

  7. e quant’altro viene in mente

Allo stato attuale nel Discord Server iniziamo discutendo TUTTI INSIEME i due elementi chiave del Progetto:

  1. come costruire gli NFT ed il Token ad essi collegato

  2. come fare avanzare la storia della Serie

Chi vuole partecipare a queste due discussioni può entrare nel Discord Server usando questo invito:


Nel Discord Server ci sono tutti i materiali del Progetto

Musica 3.0 - i primi segni della rivoluzione in arrivo

Gia in altri post abbiamo parlato della rivoluzione che si sta affacciando nel mondo della musica attraverso le funzioni del Web 3.0 sia che siano attraverso le Crypto che attraverso gli NFT.

Il primo post che parla di questo:

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NFT/Crypto Creations (in italiano)

La rivoluzione degli NFT per la Musica.

La grande parte della popolazione italiana ma anche quella internazionale non ha chiaro che si sta preparando una rivoluzione di proporzioni inimmaginabili sino a pochi anni fa. Perché mano a mano che tutti gli oggetti digitali artistici (per gli oggetti fisici si può fare un discorso analogo ma più complesso) diventeranno degli NFT tutta la dinamica della attività artistica e creativa verrà modificata alla radice…

Read more

2 years ago · Luigi Forlai

E poi di nuovo nel seguente post si approfondisce la situazione:

NFT/Crypto Creations (in italiano)

Ancora sulla Musica Web3

Proseguendo il ragionamento sui nuovi metodi di finanziare la musica e su i suoi effetti sul business musicale possiamo analizzare uno dei siti Web3 che hanno avviato la raccolta dei finanziamenti in cambio di royalties. Ve ne sono altri che stiamo analizzando ma per ora ci soffermiamo su…

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2 years ago · Luigi Forlai

Ed infine in questo

NFT/Crypto Creations (in italiano)

Musica Web3: Opulous ($OPUL Token)

Continuando il nostro viaggio nel Web3 della Musica, dopo aver analizzato brevemente Royal - vedi questi 2 Post precedenti : ora ci avviciniamo a Opulous. L’obiettivo di Opulous è molto simile a quello di Royal ma le modalità di esecuzione sono abbastanza diverse…

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2 years ago · Luigi Forlai

Nel post attuale vorremmo invece solo lasciare per un attimo la analisi delle strutture che si stanno costruendo per fare un semplice elenco degli esperimenti musicali in cui cantanti e gruppi coinvolgono i propri fan per creare un nucleo di appassionati che li possa aiutare sia a finanziarsi che a crescere in popolarità:


  2. KINGSHIP Key Card

  3. SUPERF3ST Pass

  4. Reo Cragun - Monday - Friday

  5. So Tuff So Cute - Break Stuff

  6. Peter Saputo - I’m Not Sad

  7. Ben Kessler - I Could Do This All Night

  8. TK - Chain of Memories


  10. Pussy Riot - Plastic

  11. Thomas Jack - Mae

  12. Timmy Trumpet - Life Like This


  14. Mark De Clive Lowe - Myoken

  15. Bloody White - Jumper

  16. Alec King - Tundra

  17. Reo Cragun - Diary of a Loner

  18. Domino - Everblades

  19. Xcelencia - Soltera

  20. Zora - State of Mind

  21. Dot - Ambush EP

  22. Peter Saputo - Blind

  23. angelbaby - View From the Moon

  24. TK - Too Much

  25. Buppy - Down&Low

Un semplice elenco per poter analizzare le varie esperienze.

Dal semplice elenco di queste esperienze (che si sono sviluppate negli ultimi 2 mesi) si capisce quanto sia forte il movimento che sta nascendo per un nuovo modo di creare e sviluppare musica.

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