Enjoy Weekly #1

Something new is happening in Web3.

Memes, scenes, and decentralized social are colliding, exploding, creating new kinds of assets with new modes of distribution. $Enjoy is one of these emerging assets, whose moniker and 'meme,' Enjoy, represents the philosophy and spirit of its 'scene:' creators and collectors using Zora, who can then leverage decentralized social to decide who gets tokens and how.

Meme + Scene + Decentralized Social = $Enjoy

We're watching new norms, memetics, use cases, terminology and behaviors bubble up around these burgeoning scene coins in real time and at Enjoy Weekly we'll have a front row seat.

News, mints, commentary, social media and everything else, for your consideration.


As the first tradable ERC-20 on the Zora Network, this path is less worn than some other Web3 terrain. If you're not familiar with the ecosystem or how to get involved, first head over to the official enjoy.tech site and then follow up with this primer if you have more questions.

OK, let's get to it.

A Zora explore page dedicated to $enjoy mints was unveiled and Surreal shipped in-app commenting directly on Zora mints, including highlighted $enjoy tips.

New to the scene? Interface has got you covered...

Energy, Zora's first native DAO, passed a proposal to purchase $enjoy for creator rewards via rounds.wtf. Meanwhile Matthew Fox created a Warpcast frame that lets users browse any Zora collection that accepts $enjoy(with tipping in frame to boot.)

Tokenchat.co integrates $enjoy token tip balances sent and overall allowance stats.

If you're heading to FarCon you'll want to RSVP for Airplane Mode, a Slow Rodeo + Enjoy joint.

A social media roundup of all thing Enjoyable.

Enjoyment intensifying on the Zora Network...


Scenecoins are for enthusiasts...

What's in your wallet?

Chaim drops an Enjoyable banger...

Beautiful work from Santiago

Hell freezes over and the Devil gets put on skates. By Olotus.

Airdrop 2 is currently underway!!! Holding at least 500k $enjoy qualifies you for tipping on Zora mints. A collector simply comments eg '2000 $enjoy' while minting and that amount is then tipped to the creator out of the collector's weekly allowance. Actively creating and collecting onchain increases this allowance. Tips do not come from your personal wallet. At the end of each week your tipping balance resets, so use it or lose it! Creators who receive tips will be able to claim on a monthly basis and there is no minimum $enjoy required in order to claim. Tipping works on all comment enabled Zora protocol mints regardless of chain.

Tipping in this way empowers you, the collector and enthusiast, the ability to choose how $enjoy is distributed.


Happy Halving!

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