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Sharing Artistic Vision and Inspiration with AnaNFT: A Journey into Creativity and Expression

Step into the world of AnaNFT, a remarkable Artist From Spain whose Background in marketing, graphic design, and app usability provides a unique foundation for her artistic journey. Inspired by experiences that challenged and enriched her, Ana's self-taught path has been both demanding and fulfilling. Her art, enriched with soft and earthy colors, resonates with a profound sense of harmony and tranquility. Through her delicate characters, Ana masterfully captures subtle nuances of emotion and mood, Creating a unique atmosphere that goes beyond words. Welcome to AnaNFT TALKS, where we delve into Ana's realm of artistry and inspiration.

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✎ Can you tell us Ana about your background and how you first got interested in art?

I've always made art in some form, but my professional background is in marketing, graphic design, and app usability. I have been fascinated by portraits and emotions since I was a little girl. I used to draw and paint all the time when I was in class so my teacher called my parents and I started art classes at the age of 10. Art is and has always been a huge part of my life!

✎ Your art is incredibly unique and expressive. In what ways do you draw inspiration from your past and present to create such powerful and emotionally resonant pieces?

Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you appreciate my art. I draw inspiration from my past and present experiences, especially the ones that challenged me or taught me something valuable. I try to express my feelings and thoughts through soft colors, delicate shapes, and textures that reflect my way of seeing the world + femininity. I can't wait to see what the future brings me and how I can bring more of my past skill to my art.

Astrid | Portraits by AnaNFT

✎ As a self-taught artist, how do you think your unique path to developing your  artistic skills has influenced the way you approach and create your art, and what  do you think sets your work apart from other artists?

Being a self-taught artist has been a challenging but rewarding journey for me. It has given me more freedom and flexibility to explore different styles + techniques, and to express myself in my own unique way. I think that what sets my work apart from other artists is my way to create delicate but powerful characters that reflect my own emotions, experiences and vision of the world.

✎ Ana, your use of color in your art is truly evocative. How do you choose and  combine colors in a way that reflects the emotions and themes you're exploring in  your pieces, and what role do you feel color plays in expressing your unique  artistic voice and vision?

I feel comfortable using soft+earthy colors, I think they create a sense of harmony and tranquility in my pieces. Colors emphasize femininity and delicacy in my characters and convey subtile nuances of emotion and mood that words cannot, creating a unique atmosphere in my art.

Luna Minerva | Women and nature

✎ Your collections have unique and distinct themes and styles. How do you  decide on the concept and aesthetic for each collection, and what draws you to  explore these particular themes in your art?

Each collection is a reflection of my personal journey and inspiration. I decide on the concept and aesthetic based on what I feel passionate about at the moment, what I want to express through my art, and what I think will resonate with my audience.

✎ Can you describe a time when your art-making process required you to  confront and work through difficult emotions or experiences, and how did this  challenge ultimately shape the outcome of your work?

After being scammed in my early moments as an NFT artist, I suffered a huge artistic block and that led me to create the Wild wings collection. In this collection, I try to put more detail and meaning in each piece.

Behind my mask | Wild Wings

✎ What have been your experiences with Web3 and NFT art, including your  knowledge of wallets, crypto storage, and NFT marketplaces?

In almost 2 years in Web3, I’ve learnt how important security and privacy are. As an artist we need to educate ourselves and know the importance of using a hardware wallet, what is a smart contract and how marketplaces contracts works, keep our data safe, etc so we can make the best decisions for us and our collectors.

✎ How does community play a role in your work as an NFT artist, and what is your  approach to connecting with your community through social media? Additionally,  as a member of WomeninNFTs, what message do you represent for women in the  NFT art and Web3 space?

Connecting with the community is one of the most important parts of being an NFT artist, it is the way to let people know who you are. I try to keep it real and vulnerable, sharing my process, feelings and inner thoughts as I think is the best way to create meaningful and deep connections. I also try to share my knowledge and give the support I wish I had when I started.

Mercedes | Portraits by AnaNFT

✎ What are your thoughts on the future of blockchain technology, its use cases  beyond art, and the role of Web3, the Metaverse, NFT exhibitions, and IRL events  in the growth of the NFT space?

I think Blockchain has the potential to transform many industries, such as social media, music, finance, healthcare and supply chain. But also empower individuals and communities by giving us more control over our own data. I think we will see a huge evolution, new applications and solutions in the coming years. Can’t wait to see what it will bring to all of us!


✎ Ana, what inspired you to choose your Web3 ID from Unstoppable Domains,  and how has it benefited you in the Web3 space?

My Friend Captain Bitcoin introduced me to Unstoppable Domains and I loved the idea of having my own Web3 identity, especially the concept that once I buy it, my NFT Domain is mine for life!

AnaNFT hand-drew the pfp exclusively for Captain Bitcoin

✎ What do you hope viewers take away from your art, and what message or  emotion do you hope to convey through your work?

My work is a reflection of my emotions and experiences, and I hope to convey a message of resilience and creativity through my art. I believe art can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation, and I hope my work can touch the hearts and minds of the viewers.

✎ As you continue to evolve and develop your artistry, what new themes or  techniques are you excited to explore in your future work?

As an artist, I am always eager to learn new skills and experiment with new tools but I would love to give a try to surrealism, dark, abstract forms, and also new techniques such as AI, mixed media or collage.

Agatha | Geode girl


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