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Reading: Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff
Listening: death bed (coffee for your head) by Powfu feat. beabadoobee
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Billy Bob Thornton!

It's been a spell since I've pushed out and actual newsletter. Not that I haven't been shipping, I have been posting every day as part of a 60 day writing challenge. It's just that I'm not about to send small snippets of thought to inboxes every single day. You're welcome.

Take a bad, low-light image with a Nexus 5? Stylize the F out of it! Stayed on that ship theme, though.

So for today (day 44/60) I will just share some hot links of a few choice (or quite possibly mediocre) posts since the last newsletter was sent out. We are talking cameras, a slightly embarrassing AI rant from a hotel room, The OG, Hacking the ETHGlobal hills, intro to The Pink Sink Diaries, lack of musical talent and other rando things.



Enjoy! Or not... completely up to you.

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