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Hi-de-ho friends. It took a little longer than expected, partially due to getting that old C-19 bug on the plane, but I am back home in Japan and finally getting in the rhythm again. Levers are getting pulled, so it is time for an update.

The TL;DR:

  • DAOpunks cohort_3 completed. Was good. Made some cool vids (see below).

  • Pink Sink to follow it's own advice

  • 1000TF NFT project to get an identity refresh in the coming weeks

Where have you been?

During the month of August, and a bit of the months flanking, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the DAOpunks cohort_3 where I, through a series of six short videos/posts, talked about what being a DAOpunk means to me.

I posted these updates on this very publication but decided not to release them as weekly email newsletters that would grace your inboxes. I actually wanted to group them into one newsletter, though I did send the first of the videos out in my previous newsletter, as well as a bit of a primer on the cohort and DAOpunks.

There are a lot of good takeaways here (imo), but I think it would be best for you dear reader to experience the posts in their entirety rather than going through them again here.

Though I thought it was going to be difficult to participate in this cohort while visiting family, I was quite happy to be able to share my little slice of southern Idaho with all of you. Give 'em a read, and enjoy the videos.

Pink Sink to follow it's own advice

One of the main underlying themes of Pink Sink from the beginning has been:

The pursuit of a life less complicated

The thing is, I think I unnecessarily complicated this by trying to do too much at once - in the form of channels on the blog, gated access, monetization options, and overall direction - rather than keeping things true to the original intent and motivation.

So, we are going to be pulling some levers, getting back to basics, and sticking to sharing this pursuit of simplification and playing the right games.

What does this mean for the blog in real terms? Well, we are going to be streamlining things in the coming weeks.

No locks, no keys, no frills, no gimmicks. Straight XP.

My goal with Pink Sink is not to build a brand but rather to share experiences. More on that nugget next time.

1000TF getting an identity refresh

In line with that, 1000TF will be getting an identity refresh in the coming weeks, as well as roughly 10 new images slated to be added to the collection.

The original idea was to have this collection serve as a key to gated content on the blog. Too much, too soon. Also, I just don't want to worry about managing something like that right now. It was getting in the way of me just making art..... ,man.

What does this mean for the blog in real terms?

No utility, no promises. Collect and enjoy the art. It's dope. It also helps support me. Dope as well.

Well, I think that is gonna wrap it up for this one but speaking of support, I have rounded up some ways of doing so below.

Oh, and videos to continue in the next one.

If you have found some value in the sea of rambling that is this publication, consider supporting my work:

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  • Drop a donation - passthehat.eth

  • Pick up an NFT (the very collection mentioned above)

  • Collect this post. Moving forward I am changing the supply to 1/1 for .01 ETH #rarity

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